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Nashville Commercial Outdoor Lighting

Nashville’s Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is a full-service residential and commercial outdoor lighting contractor. Give your storefront or business the attention it deserves through outdoor lighting! Click here to download our Nashville Commercial Outdoor Lighting guidedesigning with light.

— Festoon lighting in “The Gulch” by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville has been a trusted source for commercial outdoor lighting in the Nashville area for over 30 years. We bring efficient lighting solutions to outdoor spaces for convenience, safety, security and aesthetics. We have had the pleasure of working on a variety of commercial outdoor lighting applications. Most recently, we had the opportunity to help add necessary lighting to a Brentwood, TN dog park, Tapestry Dog Park.

— Smart solar commercial lighting used at Brentwood’s Tapestry dog park.

When working on this project, we discussed a variety of commercial outdoor lighting options. Based on the needs of the space and the client’s requirements, we recommended solar lighting. As a cost-effective, environmentally-friendly option, our client was very receptive to installing this type of solution.This lighting not only incurs zero energy costs but also have other innovative qualities, such as the ability to sense motion and become brighter as dogs and their walkers approach them. Because a dog park has sporadic visitors after dark, solar lighting with sensors was an ideal fit for this application.

You can read more about this installation in our story Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville Has Gone to the Dogs—and Tails are Wagging with Delight!

Elegant and Practical Nashville Commercial Outdoor Lighting

Our commercial outdoor lighting service is filled with just as much elegance and quality as our residential installations. Having the opportunity to transform and beautify some of the Nashville area’s most popular locations is an honor. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville has designed and installed lighting for The Country Music Hall of Fame, The Loveless Cafe, Arrington Vineyards, The Gulch and designing and installing the holiday lighting for the Capital tree in downtown Nashville!

…Making the decision to add Nashville commercial lighting to your storefront or business means you will be in good company…

_Nashville commercial tree lighting at the Country Music Hall of Fame.

— Nashville outdoor lighting designs featured at "Arrington Vineyards.

— Commercial Christmas tree lighting at the Capital.

No matter if you’re in downtown Nashville or Brentwood, Franklin or elsewhere your venue can benefit from the addition of commercial outdoor lighting to improve your guest’s experience. Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville today to schedule a design consultation at (615) 373-0638 or email us at [email protected].

Nashville’s Only Turnkey Full-Service Outdoor Lighting Provider

From design to install to ongoing service and maintenance, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville handles it all. Which makes us truly unique in this regard. We use premium high-quality fixtures to fit any design aesthetic and specialize in beautiful, seamless property and landscape integration for your commercial location.

— Outdoor lighting at Laurelbrooke Clubhouse in Franklin, TN.

We provide solutions for all your commercial outdoor lighting needs. Whether you are starting your outdoor lighting design from scratch in a new building, or your business lies within an existing or vintage venue, we have the right light to fit your needs. With our evening demonstration, you’ll be able to see in advance exactly what imaginative landscape and architectural lighting can do for your commercial property.

Benefits of Nashville Commercial Outdoor Lighting

  • Safety: Just as is the case with your home, a well-lit business is a safe business. Proper illumination helps prevent accidents, trips and falls. Such illumination could come in the form of bollard lights along pathways or through parking lots in order to ensure your clients and employees are not surprised by curbs. It can also include ample lighting around stairs and doorways.

  • Security: Commercial outdoor lighting also provides added security for your business or storefront and helps deter crime. Businesses that darken as the sun sets are much more likely to be broken into or become the victim of vandalism. Adequate outdoor lighting makes it much harder for criminals to hide within the veil of darkness.

  • Beauty & Ambiance: Commercial outdoor lighting can contribute to your company’s success by simply making it more visible. A beautifully lit office or storefront catches the eye, and often, all you need to do is catch a potential client’s eye. With outdoor lighting, your signage will still be visible after dark, and your place of business will stand out from the crowd!

  • Boost Employee Morale & Productivity: Smart Nashville-area employers are beginning to understand that providing a pleasant working atmosphere can be a huge benefit to their employees. Having a green space for employees to enjoy has been shown to reduce workplace stress and depression. This is proof positive commercial landscaping and lighting is about more than just curb appeal.

Nashville parking lot lighting

Have existing commercial outdoor lighting?

Let Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville come out and evaluate your commercial property. We can provide you with design recommendations and a LED retrofit solution that will help enhance your system and provide significant maintenance and energy savings, as well as increased efficiency.

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