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Nashville commercial outdoor lighting: low-voltage, high-output!

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Nashville provided low-voltage condominium lighting for a previous commercial lighting client in Green Hills to provide peace of mind with added safety and security.

We were originally called to Hillsborough Quarters to replace gas lantern post lighting, which not only had a low lighting output but was also costly to run at $25 per month, per light. With 14 lanterns, the cost was becoming too much to feasibly maintain. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville replaced the gas lantern lights with 50-watt halogen bulbs for better lighting output and cost savings. We were asked to add even more lighting years later.

— Nashville commercial lighting – Hillsborough Quarters condominiums.

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When it comes to maintaining security around your home, even in a condominium setting, proper lighting is paramount. With maturing trees creating more dark areas around the condos, it was important to introduce more lighting around the residences. For this commercial LED lighting client, who already had transformers and wiring in place for an easy low-voltage installation, we not only provided LED downlighting on the building and bullet lighting under the gutters, but we also installed lighting in the trees themselves!

— Low voltage tree lighting in Green Hills – Nashville, TN.

If your Nashville area business has lighting that is not performing the way you need it to, consider our LED upgrade or retrofit lighting services. We can improve your current lighting system, updating halogen fixtures to LED, to give you better lighting output and energy efficiency. With retrofitting, we can save many elements from your existing lighting system, which will save time and money on the installation!

Why is low voltage commercial lighting a great choice for your Nashville business?

Low voltage, 12-volt lighting, adheres to codes and is much less labor intensive than its line voltage lighting counterpart. Your Nashville business can have a new energy efficient LED outdoor lighting system without having to dig trenches around your property or replant turf or plants.

— Lamppost lighting converted from gas lantern for cost savings and better lighting output.

Our Nashville is a thriving, growing city! With an ever-expanding population, we often deal with some disadvantages. Traffic, for one. Higher crime rates are also a detriment. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville will plan a low-voltage, high-output lighting design for your business, which will deter would-be intruders or prevent other troubling scenarios, such as personal theft. Don’t be fooled into thinking that an easy low-voltage lighting installation won’t provide the lighting output desired – it will perform with high lighting output, keeping your business secure after dark.

If you are in need of high-output commercial lighting for your Nashville business, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville is ready to work with you! Contact us today at 615-373-0638, or email us at [email protected].

— David G. Todd, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville.

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