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Let Colorful Light Add Drama and a Signature Brand to your Hospitality Venue!

Who says hospitality outdoor lighting has to be just clear or plain white? Certainly, white gives you an air of elegance, but throw in a dash of color and it adds DRAMA. If you’ve got a hospitality business, color can add a signature hue that your customers can identify with even in the evening. Hotels, bed & breakfast inns, resorts and restaurants can all benefit from adding color to their outdoor lighting experience for the customers for added recognizable branding. Attract diners and guests with a dose of color that will make you the standout on the block.

Lighting with color makes a statement in terms of who you are as a hospitality business without question. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville can give your venue a trendy flair that makes your entire establishment look high end without breaking the bank. Our professional outdoor lighting designs can give you loads of ambiance at a reasonable cost, this will help your nurture your bottom line and will also draw many eyes to your business.

— Imagine guests of your bed & breakfast being greeting by colorful lighting!

You may want to splash color on your outdoor signage, an ornamental tree or a fountain, illuminate large swath of your building walls, a rooftop bar, and much more. Right now, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville is working on a project to add colorful lighting to a rooftop on local hotel right here in Music City. We can even come in and give you special event color specifically for the holidays or a specific business milestone if that’s what you’d like as well.

Thanks to advances in commercial-grade LED outdoor lighting technology, you are not really limited to any specific hue. We are able to capture most any color that you want due to the functionality of LED. Gone are the days where blue, green or red were the only palette options—now we can give you a full spectrum of color from light to dark. We give you the power to change colors very easily so you can shift to any hue you desire or back to traditional clear/white whenever you want. There really are no limits!

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville will show you how to add layers of color and light to showcase your restaurant bar or hotel in a grand splash of pigment. We add immediate mood with targeted fixtures that can come in from any angle—up, down and even overhead from warm or cool white all the way up to the tint of color you decide. Our designers get crafty when it comes to illuminating how people and even your food looks under ambient and colorful lighting. It’s truly an art to understand how to make things look just right and not garish or harsh.

We can ramp up the feeling of temperature on the outside of your building—a deep red can add a pumping vibe to the outside of a dance club, while a serene golden yellow can add a calming effect to the front façade of a historic bed & breakfast. A restaurant can even dial down the lighting as the evening wears on to a much darker hue for those late night diners. It’s amazing the effects and feelings that can be influenced with the simple twist of the color wheel.

Let us show you how we can use color to brand your hospitality venue and add drama with the use of color influenced outdoor lighting. Contact us today at (615) 373-0638, or email us at [email protected].

— David G. Todd, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville.

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