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Bring the "good stuff" to your Nashville backyard this season

As you may already know, the Bonnaroo music festival is taking place this weekend in nearby Manchester, TN. The festival features a diverse lineup of acts with 10+ stages showcasing more than 130 bands and comedy acts.

This annual festival provides much more than four days of great music. It also provides a chance to be part of a spirit that encompasses creative and artistic expression. Bonnaroo has also set the standard for sustainability and greening practice among North American concert events.

The word Bonnaroo is actually Creole slang for Good Stuff. Even if you cannot make it to the festival this year, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville has come up with a list of ways to bring the vibe of Bonnaroo to your backyard:

Plan your own backyard music festival

In Music City, you don’t have to look far to find talent. It may be a friend who enjoys a little back porch picking on his six-string or a neighbor who hails as the local queen of karaoke. One thing’s for certain, for most residents, finding someone within your pool of friends willing to partake in an evening serenade should be easy. With this in mind, why not plan an evening outdoors with plenty of good food, good friends and good music?

Host a children’s outdoor art festival

Art education takes a fun spin when you make an event out of it! What better way to promote creativity in your neighborhood than to host a backyard get-together for kids to make art and then show it off for everyone to appreciate.

Throw a backyard BBQ

It’s summertime and—as the saying goes—the living is easy. Plan a laid-back barbecue with friends and family just because. Not to honor a holiday or special event, just to enjoy each other’s company. No deadlines. No schedules. No pressure — just enjoyment! Nothing goes together better than good friends, good food and the outdoors.

Backyard at the movies

Nothing is more fun than a night at the movies. With a little ingenuity and a few bed sheets, you can transform a spot in your backyard into an outdoor movie theater. Many places also rent out all the equipment needed to host an outdoor screening, these include screens and projectors but you can also use an LCD or PLP projector. All you need to add to make the evening Oscar-worthy are comfy quilts as seating, and lots of yummy popcorn. You can add even more ambiance and make snack trips back into the home easier by using outdoor lighting too.

No matter what your pleasure, the addition of outdoor lighting to your outdoor living spaces will help enliven the moment. You can make your home and landscape more enchanting and functional for entertaining and everyday family time. Our designs will make your home delightful to come home to, and even more delightful for the nights you choose to spend at home~

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