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Holiday Lights at Cheekwood Gardens Opens November 24th

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville is honored to have been asked back for a second season to install the holiday lighting at Cheekwood Estate & Gardens. This year’s display promises to be just as magical as the last as one million lights will be spread across the grounds of Cheekwood transforming it into a winter wonderland.

In an effort to keep the finished project a complete surprise for guests prior to opening night on November, 24th, our installers have been keeping the details of the installation under wraps about the magic in the making over the past few months. One million lights is no small task and we want to thank our Nashville outdoor lighting team for their dedication and talent in making this project come to life.

Let’s take a look back at some of the magic of last season as we anticipate the upcoming opening of this year’s display:

Make plans now to visit the Holiday Lights at Cheekwood. The event opens to members on November 17th and to the public on November 24th. The event runs from 5:00 – 10:00 pm, November 24th – December 31st. The event is closed on Mondays.

You can visit the Cheekwood Gardens website for more information, or order tickets online.

Refresh and Renew Your Nashville Home or Business With Outdoor Lighting!

As National Outdoor Lighting Month draws to a close, we are reminded of the impact professional outdoor lighting can have on your Nashville-area property.

As darker skies arrive earlier in the day –This year on Sunday, November 5th, National Outdoor Lighting Month is a consumer awareness effort founded by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives in 2013, to educate homeowners about the transformational difference quality and professionally installed outdoor lighting can make to a home, business, landscape or even a special event. Increased safety, beauty and ambiance from pools to playgrounds, backyard grills to gazebos, landscapes to lounge areas – if it can be illuminated, it can be transformed with outdoor lighting.

Why Nashville Outdoor Lighting?

  • Improved Aesthetics — Nothing brings more warmth to a home after dark than perfectly balanced outdoor lighting. Outdoor lighting warms and welcomes as it enhances the curb appeal of your entire property. The philosophy behind our custom outdoor lighting designs is the core idea of focusing on the effect, not the fixture. This means your home’s architecture, outdoor living spaces and beautiful landscape become the focus.

  • Linger Longer — Nashville outdoor lighting is the perfect way to extend the hours you can linger outside. Our deck lighting and patio lighting enables endless enjoyment of your outdoor spaces throughout the fall. With our professional backyard lighting designs, there are no rules and no limits with the setting sun.
  • Safety & Security — Well-lit exteriors are never inviting to intruders and strategic fixture placement can help prevent falls and injuries. This is especially important in residential settings around pool and water features and in all commercial applications.

We can illuminate the outdoor living areas surrounding your water features such as a patio surround, porch or pool house, delineate a pathway, and add illumination to any areas that need accenting to make you feel more safe and secure. Our professional design service and high-quality fixtures can do all of this and more.

Professional outdoor lighting changes the way you live, brings your family outdoors to gather and gives you the chance to enjoy your landscape long after the sun has set. Imagine the world of possibilities at your Nashville home or business…


Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville today to learn more at (615) 373-0638, or by filling out the contact form below!
You can also visit our website to download a free copy of our annual guide to festive, holiday and special event outdoor lighting.

Nashville Halloween and Harvest Lighting Can Make the Season Boo-tiful!

Autumn has arrived and It’s time to get in the spirit of the season and start decorating! Whether you plan to embellish the exterior of your Nashville-area home with colorful mums, pumpkins and gourds, or a boo-tiful Halloween display is more your style, don’t forget the lighting to bring it all together!

Here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville, we have a huge following for our holiday outdoor lighting program. However, many folks don’t realize that we can design and install outdoor lighting for holidays other than Christmas, Hannukkah, Kwanzaa and New Years. Halloween, in particular, is the second-largest decorating holiday of the year when it comes to exterior holiday lighting and displays.

Whether you’re looking for a spooky theme or a classically lit harvest home for the season, we can provide the exterior lighting for the look you want—adding ambiance and character to your home and landscape.

String lights aren’t just for Christmas. Outdoor string lights are common during the winter holidays, but they can be used for other holidays too! Instead of the traditional holiday hues of red and white, mix it up for some fun to celebrate Halloween with purple, orange or green. We can wrap your trees, porch columns, along your stairs or even overhead. The dark glow it gives off will be perfect for your trick or treaters.

Colored lens covers can instantly make your home more festive. If you have existing up lights on your property, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville can install colored lens covers —
An eerie design is perfect for October, and green and orange lens covers will do just the trick.

A professional outdoor lighting display will enhance your property. If you’d like something that can be installed and taken down after Halloween, we offer outdoor lighting displays. The most common are yard displays that are made of high-quality metal and lights.

Another option for illuminating your home and landscape in honor of a specific holiday or special occasion is through our RGB up lighting and down lighting application. It works by using RGB LED controllers via your Bluetooth controls to create colorful and unique lighting effects. It is a great way to add a splash of color to your home’s facade and landscape — these controls allow you the freedom to change your outdoor lighting to colors within the spectrum of RGB (Red, Green, Blue), on demand.

If you would like to learn more about how our new and innovative outdoor lighting technologies can bring your home and landscape to its full creative potential, contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville today. You can reach us by phone at 615-373-0638, or email us at olpnashville@outdoorlights.com.

Nashville LED Outdoor Lighting is the Best Answer for Many Commercial Applications

LED lighting has become the standard to which all other lighting is now compared to, and with good reason. LED is more durable, safer, longer-lasting and more efficient than other lighting technologies. In addition, it is also more eco-friendly as operation and disposal leave less of a carbon footprint on the environment. Most people are fully aware of the benefits of LED in regards to residential indoor and outdoor lighting, but how about LED in commercial applications?

The Incredible, Editable Commercial LED’s

Not only does LED offer more control than halogen in commercial lighting applications, they are also more editable. This makes it is easier to have the benefit of light exactly where you want and need it. The small optic within our Nashville LED commercial outdoor lighting fixtures means greater control of the light spread itself. No longer is there a need for large commercial lighting fixtures in order to get premium quality lighting results. Our implements mean fewer fixtures are needed to get the effect you have in mind — when it comes to LED commercial outdoor lighting, less is more!

In regards to larger commercial areas, such as parking lots, common areas and entrances, LED is many times the best answer. Businesses and other organizations are now using LED to replace defunct metal halide or high-pressure sodium lighting. LED serves as an efficient, durable technology which can benefit business owners by reducing light maintenance needs and electricity bills. It also increases safety by eliminating the dangerous dark spots many parking lots and entries using older lighting technologies have.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville is also seeing great success with LED in regards to outdoor lighting at hospitality venues. We have installed LED commercial-grade outdoor lighting at local hotels, resorts, bed & breakfasts, condominiums and apartment complexes. We are the one and only full-service exterior lighting company for hospitality buildings solely focused on soup-to-nuts professional outdoor lighting design, installation and maintenance for hospitality venues. Our highly-efficient LED lighting installations can reduce energy consumption by up to 75%. Whether it be a retrofit of an outdated system or a new-build plan we proudly serve Nashville hospitality venues with expert consultation, the latest technologies and premium fixtures.

Commercial LED Beyond Utilitarian

We cannot mention the benefits of LED outdoor lighting for commercial applications without mentioning the WOW factor! Our unique and forward-thinking commercial lighting designs reach far beyond utilitarian purposes. From the freedom of “on-a-whim” color changing LED technologies to festive European-inspired string lighting and holiday LED commercial lighting — the creative possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

Interesting in bringing your commercial venue into the best light to increase customer happiness and help build your bottom line? Contact us today to learn more at (615) 373-0638 or via email at olpnashville@outdoorlights.com.

The Countdown To Christmas Has Begun

Did you know we only have 142 days until Christmas?

The holidays may seem light years away, but we have officially crossed the halfway mark to Christmas. With this in mind, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville is thinking about holiday outdoor lighting as we have already begun installing the holiday lights for this year’s display at the lovely Cheekwood Estate & Gardens. Last year we installed over one million holiday lights for all to enjoy, and this year’s design promises to be just as breathtaking!

We are the Nashville area’s premier outdoor lighting provider specializing in residential, commercial, hospitality and holiday lighting. We offer a convenient and innovative program for homeowners and business owner alike that brings seasonal and holiday outdoor lighting to a new level.

We know that most Nashville-area homeowners share the same endearment for outdoor holiday lighting. Being the areas premier outdoor lighting company we realize that outdoor holiday lighting is so much more than installing a few strands of holiday lights, it is a means to bring emotion and joy to the holiday season.

Take a look at some of our completed holiday outdoor lighting projects:

Our holiday lighting program takes all the guesswork out of designing and installing your holiday lighting. We design, order, install, remove and store your holiday display for you and all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the season with the ones you love. No more dealing with tangled lights and teetering off a ladder risking an injury. No more worries of the hazards that over exerted circuits can cause. No more rituals of turning on the lights one strand at a time, night after night. In addition, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville can also program your indoor and outdoor lighting displays to operate in unison by using lighting control animation that delivers set it and forget it convenience.

We are now accepting both commercial and residential customers to our holiday lighting program for the upcoming season. Spots fill fast so act now to ensure the most enchanting holiday lighting for your home or business!

Call us at (615) 373 – 0638 today or email us at olpnashville@outdoorlights.com.

Are you ready to add Nashville outdoor lighting, but don't know where to begin?

Here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville, we hear this comment all the time. Whether it is a homeowner wanting to upgrade their current outdoor lighting system, or someone in the process of adding an outdoor living space or pool that knows they want lighting added to the mix, or a business owner looking enhance their presence at night, sometimes it is challenging to know where to start. Fortunately, we DO know where to start. We have the knowledge, experience and expertise to guide you in the right direction along with the right design and timing to ensure your project is a success!

With this in mind, we thought it a good idea to address our most frequently asked questions from homeowners and business owners just like YOU:

During what stage of my project should I contact you about the outdoor lighting?

Optimally, we would love to hear from you once you have the blueprints and/or renderings in place out for your anticipated project. It just makes sense to bring us in at the very early stages so that we can work in tandem with your architect, builder or designer to install wiring and conduit pipe at the beginning planning stages. Coming in early and planning ahead also ensures we can locate transformers and figure out where fixtures need to go so that we can illuminate special features you’d like to include. We have worked with countless local builders, commercial and residential architects as well as hardscape and landscape designers, and we can easily integrate our working plans with theirs so that you can see it all come together in one cohesive manner. Like the old outdoor lighting saying goes, you get the best results when we are the first team in and the last team out.

Nashville water feature, hardscape and landcape lighting.

Should I make the change to LED?

You may be satisfied with the look your existing system provides, but with all of the positive press today’s LED lights are receiving, they probably have you thinking “I really wish I would’ve chosen a LED system for my outdoor lighting.” Like many other Nashville-area home and business owners, you may not have chosen to go with LED for your current outdoor lighting system because either it was installed during the period when LED outdoor lighting was not as affordable or its limited color range of a cold sterile blue hue was completely unsatisfying.

And, that brings to mind, the most frequently spoken statement we hear:

I don’t want LED because it is BLUE.

There is a common misconception that all LED lighting has a blue tone or cast. Much of this is based on the fact that early on, the blues of LED holiday lights were strikingly blue. The extensive advancements in the technology of today’s LED outdoor lighting has moved far beyond the rigid, cold hues or early LED’s. Today, LED’s are available in warm tones that are hard, if not impossible, to delineate between the warm, welcoming illumination of halogens.

If you are thinking now is the best time to convert to LED, you’re right! Even if you are currently utilizing a halogen system, all is not lost. Working with your existing outdoor lighting system to update it to the multitude of benefits of a LED system means not having to start fresh. As a matter of fact, systems 12 years old or newer increase your chances to be a candidate for LED conversion. In some cases we can even retro-fit your existing system to accommodate new LED technology.

Which design is right for me and how do I know which fixtures to choose?

The goal of any architectural and landscape lighting system is to accentuate the property and its architecture, colors and textures. The system’s design is incredibly important to ensure that everything is properly illuminated without dark spots. A trained outdoor lighting designer, like Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville, will know just which fixtures to use and where to place them for the perfect final result.

What do you notice about this outdoor lighting design— the effect it produces, or the fixture?

Here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville, we offer some of the highest-quality copper and brass outdoor lighting fixtures available. However, our emphasis is always to focus on the effect and not the fixture in all of our outdoor lighting designs.

Will my outdoor lighting system require follow-up care or maintenance?

Just like heating and cooling systems, irrigation systems and other household systems, outdoor lighting requires proactive maintenance to keep it looking and performing its best. From growing landscaping to wires being disrupted due to lawn and landscape maintenance or inclement weather, normal outdoor activities can impact any lighting system. Professional outdoor lighting companies include maintenance in their service because they take pride in the overall performance of the system. Other types of companies may not understand the importance of proactive maintenance the way we do. That’s why we offer our clients an Annual Maintenance Plan on all of our systems.

Still have questions? Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville today.You can reach us by phone at (615) 373 – 0638, or via email at olpnashville@outdoorlights.com.


Moonlighting in Music City -- Magical

The Nashville area in itself is magical. From the Grand Ole Opry to the Bluebird Cafe, the area is forged on the things dreams are made of. The feeling is palpable on the streets of downtown and the cul-de-sacs of the beautiful suburban areas like Brentwood and Green Hills.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville specializes in highlighting that magic we’re referring to through outdoor lighting. This is especially the case when we implement our moonlighting technique.

We use various lighting techniques to highlight an area or object on your landscape. The secret to successful focal point lighting is dependent on combining the right lighting technique with the right lighting candidate. Many times our clients will point out an area or item they would like illuminated. Other times it’s up to us to suggest an ideal element based on our design experience. Some of the most popular items or areas homeowners choose for featured lighting are fountains, water features, statuary, exterior walls and specific trees in their landscape.

Moonlighting is just one of the lighting techniques we use here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville. The results of moonlighting are best defined as a simulation of the magic that happens when sunlight or moonlight penetrates the dimension and textures within the landscape. Whether it is the romantic aura that is cast from above or the way the sun plays games between the branches of trees in the afternoon — this is the magic we are able to mimic through moonlighting.

Our outdoor lighting highlights the architectural elements of your home, and accentuates the features of your landscape. We can design a dramatic lighting display lighting your featured area; a fountain, a statue, the branches of your weeping cherry or Japanese maple, or focus a light onto the gentle splashes of your waterfall and get more enjoyment out of the unique features of your landscape by being able to linger in their beauty even after dusk.

Maybe the late David Bowie said it best through the lyrics of his song “Let’s Dance”— Under the moonlight, the serious moonlight.

If you are ready to learn more about bringing out the magic of your home and landscape, contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville today. You can reach us by phone at (615) 373 – 0638, or via email at olpnashville@outdoorlights.com.

Bring the "good stuff" to your Nashville backyard this season

As you may already know, the Bonnaroo music festival is taking place this weekend in nearby Manchester, TN. The festival features a diverse lineup of acts with 10+ stages showcasing more than 130 bands and comedy acts.

This annual festival provides much more than four days of great music. It also provides a chance to be part of a spirit that encompasses creative and artistic expression. Bonnaroo has also set the standard for sustainability and greening practice among North American concert events.

The word Bonnaroo is actually Creole slang for Good Stuff. Even if you cannot make it to the festival this year, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville has come up with a list of ways to bring the vibe of Bonnaroo to your backyard:

Plan your own backyard music festival

In Music City, you don’t have to look far to find talent. It may be a friend who enjoys a little back porch picking on his six-string or a neighbor who hails as the local queen of karaoke. One thing’s for certain, for most residents, finding someone within your pool of friends willing to partake in an evening serenade should be easy. With this in mind, why not plan an evening outdoors with plenty of good food, good friends and good music?

Host a children’s outdoor art festival

Art education takes a fun spin when you make an event out of it! What better way to promote creativity in your neighborhood than to host a backyard get-together for kids to make art and then show it off for everyone to appreciate.

Throw a backyard BBQ

It’s summertime and—as the saying goes—the living is easy. Plan a laid-back barbecue with friends and family just because. Not to honor a holiday or special event, just to enjoy each other’s company. No deadlines. No schedules. No pressure — just enjoyment! Nothing goes together better than good friends, good food and the outdoors.

Backyard at the movies

Nothing is more fun than a night at the movies. With a little ingenuity and a few bed sheets, you can transform a spot in your backyard into an outdoor movie theater. Many places also rent out all the equipment needed to host an outdoor screening, these include screens and projectors but you can also use an LCD or PLP projector. All you need to add to make the evening Oscar-worthy are comfy quilts as seating, and lots of yummy popcorn. You can add even more ambiance and make snack trips back into the home easier by using outdoor lighting too.

No matter what your pleasure, the addition of outdoor lighting to your outdoor living spaces will help enliven the moment. You can make your home and landscape more enchanting and functional for entertaining and everyday family time. Our designs will make your home delightful to come home to, and even more delightful for the nights you choose to spend at home~

Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville to learn more today (615) 373 – 0638, email: olpnashville@outdoorlights.com.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville Debuts Bug-Resistant LED Fixtures

Are you tired of cleaning bugs out of your outdoor lighting fixtures?

If you are an apartment or multi-family residential complex owner or manager, you know the nuisance of cleaning bugs from flush-mounted outdoor lighting fixtures all too well. Many species of insects are attracted to light. This is a natural response called phototaxis. Positively phototactic organisms, such as moths and mosquitoes, move towards light sources such as outdoor lighting or even a burning candle. This is the behavior that spawned the old saying like a moth to a flame. In the case of outdoor lighting, insects often find a way to enter the fixture itself, during their quest to reach the light source. Once inside they become trapped and perish, causing an unsightly mess.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville has good news! We now offer an insect-resistant LED flush mounted fixture to end your maintenance woes. The fixture looks great with its 12" low-profile look and since it is LED it will save energy along with the maintenance headaches! The bottom of the fixture locks into place and features a replaceable light source. Another plus is these can easily be retrofitted to replace your existing flush-mounted fixtures.

We have already installed some of these ingenious, bug-resistant fixtures to much success at the Bell Historic Franklin apartment complex and the Hayes House apartment complex in eclectic Hillsboro Village.

Insects may be drawn to the light, but they cannot enter and perish. The entire concept is a win/win — affordable, safe, efficient and easy to maintain! At the present time this technology is only available in our flush-mounted fixtures, however, plans are in the works for sconce lighting.

Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville to learn more about using this cutting-edge technology in your commercial outdoor lighting or hospitality outdoor lighting applications. You can reach us at (615) 373 – 0638, or via email at olpnashville@outdoorlights.com.

Nashville Outdoor Lighting for Weddings and Special Events

Few occasions are as memorable as your wedding day. It is regarded as one of the most important days in our lives. We understand the care wedding planners’ and couples-to-be pour into all the details of this special day, which is why it is so important to plan ahead when considering the addition of outdoor lighting for your outdoor wedding or wedding reception. With the coveted “June” wedding dates right around the corner, now is the time to consult with us to plan all the romantic details.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville is the area’s premier outdoor lighting provider. This includes holiday, special event and wedding lighting applications. The right lighting can enhance the entire experience of your wedding for your guests and for the bride and groom to be.

Professional wedding and special event outdoor lighting will also help you make the most out of your wedding photography. Maybe you haven’t considered the impact a darkened venue or landscape will have on the quality of your wedding or special event photography. The fact is, lighting can dramatically impact the quality of the pictures you will hold dear for an entire lifetime. Good outdoor lighting renders colors and images in a way similar to how they are seen during the day. If it’s a wedding, or family reunion imagine the difference between outdoor evening photos with good illumination and without. Our special event lighting will allow you to capture all of the moments that will turn into memories.

Good wedding and special event lighting can really open up an area for use and allow guests to spread out in the space comfortably. Consider an outdoor event under a tent. If only the tented area is illuminated, everyone will stay under the tent. But, perhaps there’s adjacent functional landscape area or even a gazebo or patio which could double as a dance floor. Lighting extended areas within your landscape will encourage guests to use the areas beyond your primary location adding space to your event location to mingle and celebrate.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville can design and install permanent and/or temporary outdoor lighting for your upcoming outdoor event. We offer a multitude of choices ranging from classic applications such as landscape, tent and tree lighting to more creative applications utilizing festival and orb lighting, colored lighting and even chandelier tree lighting. Whatever the feel or theme you want to convey for your occasion, we can bring it to life!

Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville today at (615) 373-0638 to learn more about the many wedding and special event lighting options we have available.

Our Newest Feature for Your Outdoor Lighting Timer is Plug and Play

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville is the area’s premier provider of residential, holiday, special event and commercial outdoor lighting. Not only do we stay in tune with the latest design trends, we stay ahead of the curve when it comes to implementing the newest outdoor lighting technologies. With this in mind, we have recently added plug and play technology to our already convenient Lighting Control Automation (LCA).

What is LCA?

Lighting Control Automation allows ease of programming and control over your Nashville outdoor lighting system. LCA is the driving source for our set it and forget it technology that we use in our outdoor lighting timers. This advanced technology enables a thoughtless transition from the onset of daylight saving time (DST), and the seasonal nuances in day to night that occur from season to season. LCA also gives you complete control over your home and landscape lighting, from programming your lighting to automatically come on when you enter your driveway at night to turning on any multitude of chosen exterior and interior lights - LCA can be programmed to do it all and are easily managed through blue tooth controls and any smartphone device.

What is plug and play?

Plug and play is a specification that facilitates the discovery of a hardware component in a system without the need for physical device configuration or user intervention in resolving resource conflicts. This means that on the technical backend of setting up and controlling LCA, the programmer no longer has the chore of firewalls and other technology roadblocks that arise during installation and programming. This capability further enhances the effortless convenience of our LCA.

Why is this important to me?

As the arrival of daylight saving time quickly approaches, now is the time to think about upgrades. If you are still using an antiquated manual timer that is difficult to set and maneuver we can help you either reset your existing timer OR we can install a newer technology-based timer that will accommodate for daylight changes on its very own!

Every new system we install has an LCA timer so that our customers can freely customize how their lights go and off at any time of day or night based on their personal needs.The flexibility our timers provide gives you lots of options and also removes the burden of remembering when to turn your lights on or off. This facet naturally increases the safety and security at your home and grounds and adds practicality, too. Our timers make it look like your home is lived in even if no one is there even if you are at work or on vacation.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville proudly offers these new LCA features and many more to our valued outdoor lighting customers to make their lives hassle free, and their home safer. Remember: a well-lit home is a safer home indeed.

To learn more about lighting control animation technology with enhanced plug and play technology. and our expertly designed and installed outdoor lighting, contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville today. Don’t leave yourself in the dark any longer. (615) 373 – 0638 email: olpnashville@outdoorlights.com.

The End of DST is Fast Approaching -- Does Your Outdoor Lighting Timer Measure Up?

As the end of DST is fast approaching, it will be time once again to “fall back” an hour on November 6th at 2:00 am. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville has been busy the past few weeks updating clients whose systems are still be operating on an old-school, manual timer, to our convenient and carefree LCA set it & forget it timer.

What does set it & forget it mean?

Just as the name implies, our fully-automated outdoor timers utilize LCA technology to automatically adjust to daylight savings time changes. You don’t even have to think about dials or buttons or figuring out how to re-reprogramming for changes. No matter what your lifestyle, a LCA timer can be easily adapted to suit your needs—even if you have to leave work really early in the morning and need additional light or walk the dog before bed time. An LCA timer provides additional light exactly when you need it. This means an end to bothersome manual timers that are time-consuming to constantly adjust.

Every new system Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville installs has an automated timer that our customers can freely customize when their lights go and off at any time of day or night based on their personal needs. The flexibility our timers provide are loaded with options and also remove the burden of remembering when to turn your lights on or off. This technology also naturally increases the safety, security and practicality, too. Our timers make it look like your home is lived in even if no one is there even if you are at work or on vacation. Would-be thieves will always know your house is lived in even if you aren’t there.

Our LCA menu is extensive

LCA’s are fully adaptable this means the programming can be simple as you want or if you enjoy a high level of control with technical devices, you can really have fun setting your timer for an ultra-enhanced lighting mood. Aside from controlling when your lights go on and off, LCA’s can be set to regulate how much light is put out by your outdoor landscape lighting system. You can start off at a lower power level earlier in the evening and then go to 100% power as the darker part of night comes. You can even control your indoor lights and even appliances with this same timer if that’s what you’d like to do. Best of all, you can do this and even make changes to your lighting all from a mobile device such as your smartphone or your computer no matter your location.The options our LCA offers are extensive..

Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville to learn how an LCA timer can improve your indoor and outdoor lifestyle and put an end to constantly chasing dusk.
You can call us at (615) 373 – 0638, or by emailing us at:olpnashville@outdoorlights.com.

With Nashville Outdoor Lighting --- Less is More

We have been serving the outdoor lighting needs of Nashville and the surrounding area for over 20 years. During this time we have designed and installed all types of outdoor lighting — from commercial to holiday and everything in between. When we meet with homeowners and business owners, just like yourself, we are reminded that unlike other types of home improvement, there is never a wrong time to consider the addition of outdoor lighting. It will ultimately enhance, improve and add joy to the time you spend outdoors no matter what the occasion or situation calls for.

Among the many benefits outdoor lighting provides, one great aspect of is that it doesn’t have to be extensive to make a huge impact. Even if your intended project space encompasses a large area our expert design and exclusive, state-of-the-art fixtures mean a little of our lighting goes a long way.

As experienced lighting designers, we believe that less is more. In our installations, you won’t find blaring flood lights or high-wattage lamp posts (which can cause eye-irritating glare and produce inferior aesthetic results). Instead, we favor subtle lighting with less obtrusive fixtures that blend into your existing landscape and become one with your property. By using multiple low-voltage lights we can illuminate an area better and more cohesively than a pole light can–and with much more elegance. You’ll not only have far more attractive, better functioning light and you’ll enjoy lower energy bills too!

Our lighting designers approach each project as a blank canvas, paying careful attention to the architectural details, landscape highlights and open spaces before crafting a lighting design that draws attention to the best aspects of the entire property. The results reflect your desires–from creating a welcoming space for play, to announcing the majestic façade of your distinctive home.

Installers who do outdoor lighting as a sideline don’t fully understand the importance of the light source. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville, outdoor lighting is all we do. And we realize the light itself is the most crucial element in any outdoor lighting design.

One example of what you see in our lighting designs is the light reflected off an object. Let’s say we’re highlighting the lovely stone or brick façade of your home. There may be dozens of tones of rich brown, reds and gold in that stone or masonry. But if all those tones don’t exist in the light source, we won’t see them. The stone could end up looking flat and grey in the wrong light. And there are many “wrong lights.” As all light sources are not created equal.

With professional residential lighting, it’s not about getting the brightest lights or the biggest lighting fixtures. Our goal is to subtly accentuate the best features on your property in the evening. In many cases, simple lighting is much more effective than extravagant light displays.

Contact us today to learn about how our lighting designers will work with you to get maximum results from minimal lighting, saving you money and maintenance along the way. Call us at 615-373-0638, or email us at olpnashville@outdoorlights.com.

Let us make your Nashville backyard Labor Day celebration ready

Labor Day is celebrated on the first Monday in September. It honors the American labor movement and the contributions that workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of the country. For many homeowners, Labor Day weekend also marks the official end to summer and the last hoorah for outdoor entertaining and celebrating the season with friends and family. With this in mind, and while you are busy planning the guest list, food and fun, have you thought about how celebration-worthy your backyard will be after the sun goes down?

  • Will you and your guests be able to navigate your backyard safely in order to enjoy an evening game of corn hole, horse shoes or even for the kids to play in the grass?
  • Is there enough illumination to check the progress and test the temperature of those steaks, hamburgers or hot dogs you’re grilling?
  • Is the visibility on your deck and patio good enough to dine comfortably outdoors?
  • Do you feel safe letting your guests swim throughout the evening? Is your pool surround properly illuminated?

Since the deck and patio are the core centerpieces of any backyard event, and that’s where the fun happens including dining, grilling, relaxing and entertaining. It makes perfect sense to enhance this area since it’s the hardest working area during outdoor celebrations. We want your deck to not only look fabulous, but we want the lighting to offer the convenience of helping you with visibility so that you can extend the hours of use well into the evening.

We can give you romantic deck and patio lighting and targeted task lighting that helps you see when at the barbecue or grill, overhead café style lighting that can be draped across large bringing in plenty of light to do virtually anything under. We can ensure all the key features of your deck and patio (such as steps) are lit to provide you the safety you need to make them work to their fullest.

Lighting within the landscape itself gives you the freedom to indulge in backyard activities without constraints. We can illuminate trees, shrubs, flower beds, gardens to highlight their beauty and make navigation throughout the landscape easy. Evening yard games become effortless as lighting increases visibility. We can make your backyard glimmer at night with perimeter lighting that makes your property look bigger by enhancing depth and dimension.

Water features are more and more prevalent in our outdoor spaces– requests for pool, spa, fountain, pond and waterfall lighting have increased considerable over the past few years. Families are looking to make these watery wonderlands’ a stand-out feature in their yards and they are seeking to enjoy their use and beauty even in the darkest hours. Our expert lighting designers know exactly how to capture the movement and character that water provides to give you unparalleled relaxation and increasing safety around your pool and/or water feature.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville, we don’t believe in cookie-cutter lighting kits and one-size-fits-all designs. We focus on designing the perfect lighting system for your specific needs. From casual accent lighting to fully adjustable outdoor displays, we will highlight your home, outdoor living spaces and landscape in a whole new way. Our lighting will ensure your Labor Day celebration can continue after the sun sets shows you are the host that makes certain no detail is missed. Imagine being able to grill, dine and entertain well into the evening with the versatility outdoor lighting provides.

Contact us today to make your backyard ready for family, friends and fun in time for Labor Day and every night throughout the year. Let Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville make the night yours!

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